Hello, booknerds!

Sebby’s here and I’m a Burmese living in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). I’m a self-claimed avid reader. Do you like reading, too?

I enjoy reading and I am spending most of my time reading books. My preference in genres is somewhat eclectic but mainly contemporary fictions. I occasionally read non-fictions, too. In past I wrote book reviews or reflections on the books I had read on my own account. I created this page to share my reading journey with you all and if chances are given, I would like to have both fruitful conversations about the books and ridiculous arguments on the characters we love or hate. I’ll start with a few of the reviews I had written previously and will add the new book as I continue. I’m also planning to share about the trend of new books as well as news on the release of the anticipated or unexpected books from our favourite writers.

Take care and thank you.

your reading pal,
Sebby (Sébastien)

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