People, Streets, Jobs, and Related Things by Chit Min Wai

People, Streets, Jobs, and Related Things (လူတွေ၊ လမ်းတွေ၊ အလုပ်အကိုင်တွေနဲ့ ပတ်သက်ရာ ပတ်သက်ကြောင်းတွေ) by Chit Min Wai (ချစ်မင်းဝေ) [Chucky] tells the story of a guy in his mid 20’s with drug dealing and addiction. Two third of the book is all about his day to day life with dealing drugs and how he uses the different kind of drugs. In each chapter, the character tells the stories of other people in his life—the neighbourhood drug dealer, his daily acquaintances related to his “work” and his relationship with a woman who visits him occasionally. The writer vividly told the character’s substance abuse, loneliness, and dejection which led him to serious deterioration in health and ruined his relationship with the woman.

Fellow Instagrammer said this book was the most heartbreaking book he’s ever read, and that got my attention as I’ve always been looking for sad stories. First of all, I’m very impressed and proud with the publishing house, Waingmaw Books, for what it has done with this book. There is a parental advisory label at the first page of the book, mentioning sex, drugs and explicit language are included in the book and age under 18 shall not read without parental guidance. Kudos!

This is another great Burmese book I’ve read recently. Similar to Linn Khar’s novel, the Dead Pond, it is such an excruciation read although this is totally different from Lin Khar’s in context wise. Chit Min Wai’s character’s struggled with his addiction, trust issue, the loud noises in his head filled with overthinking and over analyzing everything he sees or hears. It’s a small book with nearly 240 pages but I can’t read it in one sitting despite its enthralling writing. I had to put it down every now and then as I don’t want it to end and sometimes, my heart just can’t take it anymore. It was an agonizing read especially near the end.

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