Catching the Wind by Thoreau

Catching the Wind by Thoreau

Catching the Wind by Thoreau* is about a guy who recently quits his job to start life as a writer and also about him figuring out what to do with his life. It also includes his obsession with a girl he liked when he was in high school, his other relationships, his train of thought, etc.

*The writer’s pseudonym is the reverse-romanization (not sure if there’s a proper term for this, I couldn’t find other word) of Thoreau in Burmese which I guess he got it from Henry David Thoreau as an homage or out of admiration towards his writing. Or it could be just a coincidence. The title is my poor attempt of literal translation from Burmese to English. “Lay Phan-Tann Chi” is kind of an idiomatic term in Burmese which means the action of actualizing the make-believe things.

The storytelling was effortlessly coherent. I think the writer is pretty influenced by Haruki Murakami. Multiple use of simile to describe a situation, one’s emotions and state of mind are very similar to Murakami. I’m glad he didn’t overuse the metaphors. A few intimate scenes were there but not too graphically. It was relevantly told. There’s also a hint of magical realism the writer put it in the story. Slightly demure but the attempt was capable. Through his train of thought, he brought the readers into his chaotic mind. I really like his narrative on conversation with oneself. Very relatable.

The publishing house has given the eBook of this novel for free on their Facebook page to promote reading during lockdown period of Covid-19. I’m glad that I pick this one for first pick of June. I thoroughly enjoy reading it and will definitely be buying the original book.

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