Reflection on Mid 2020 Reading Journey

Bookshelf in dark

Half of 2020 is gone and how are you doing with your reading challenge? I had targeted 35 books for this year’s reading challenge and finished 30 books by the end of June. One positive thing during this pandemic is that I’m privileged to have more time to read.

I had cataloged the books I had read this year and came up with the following statistics.

  • 30 books in total
  • 25 fictions and 5 non-fictions
  • 18 male writers and 8 female writer
  • 12 books in Burmese language and 18 in English
  • 16 Western literature, 3 Asian literature and 11 from Burmese literature
  • 4 classic and 26 contemporary

For the time being, generalising is fast and easy but I know my categorisation needs to be improved with books featuring racial injustice, LGBTQ, gender equality, youth empowerment, etc.

I’ve been trying to diversify my read since the beginning of 2020 and still need much improvement in it. I noticed that I read more English books and only a handful of Burmese books in last three years. So this year, I picked more Burmese books than previous years. In past, I read more classical literature than books by contemporary writers. I try to pick more contemporary books this year and also am trying to include more asian literature in my picks. I gotta pick more books by female writers and a few more books to gain some knowledge on racial issues, as well.

I think it is not just the responsibility of the creator—all artists whether writers, singers, song writers, actors, producers—to raise the awareness of the diversity, we, the consumers—the readers and viewers—are obliged to promote the diversity as well as educate ourselves with important issues in our surroundings and around the world. However, occasionally, we shall pick any book that entice us wholeheartedly, too.

How do you pick your read?

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