Giving Alms by Khin Chan Myae Maung

Giving Alms

For #AseanMonthLSBC Week 2—ASEAN Food—hosted by LiteraSEA Book Club, I’d like to share a Burmese snack along with a book by Burmese writer, Khin Chan Myae Maung. Have a savoury weekend, folks! 😋😋

Giving Alms is a thin book of merely over 60 pages featuring three short stories of the people in Myanmar with engrossing narratives. The writer portrayed her characters through torment and tribulations with such brilliance. Each of these stories depicts the contrast between logical response and emotional reaction.

The labyrinthine of human characters and the society’s belief are portrayed with poised. All these stories are strongly evocative and the storytelling is fluid, as well. ‘Stillborn’ and the titled story, ‘Giving Alms’ are quite moving stories but my favourite is the last piece, ‘Plants that Grow in Shade,’ such a contemplative story.

Khin’s previous work can be found in Still Water Magazine, Rough Cut Zine, Frontier Magazine, and Yangon Literary Magazine. Giving Alms is her first published work of short stories from Ethos Books.

Toddy Palm Snack is one of Burmese many traditional snacks. It is made from the pulps of toddy palm fruit mixed with rice flour and a few other ingredients like baking soda, sugar, coconut milk etc. It is best served with shredded coconut sprinkled on top. I think we, southeast Asian family will have a snack like this as we have shared many histories and similar cultures. Does your country have snack similar to this?

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