Wound Care Treatment by Pyae

Wound Care Treatment by Pyae

Wound Care Treatment (ဒဏ်ရာကုစားနည်း) by Pyae (ပြည့်) comprises 10 interesting essays on different aspects in a woman’s life. The book is written in Burmese. All these stories are intrinsically related to the wounds a woman has to bear whether they cause physical or emotional pain. Some of them are written in a simple narration whereas some felt like an explicative proposition. I’d like to consider writing or sharing these stories is the writer’s way of wound care treatment.

Amongst the ten essays, I like these five: Living, Dysmenorrhea, Vulnerable Me , Dissimilarity, and Anticipation (or) June. They are very epigrammatic and fluent in narrative. Especially the last piece, June. It is somewhat relatable and elegantly well-turned. Very evocative read.

The one that made me cringe is A Woman’s Love albeit its beautifully written prose. I think it is mainly because I’m a huge cynic and partial reason of me being a man who has lack of empathy towards a woman’s love. But I’m pretty sure the cynical me will have issues with every love regardless of the gender.

We usually say women are unfathomable beings and it is not easy to decipher their inner thoughts. This book is like a sneak peek into a woman’s subconscious mind through the injuries she bore. The writing is compendious and rhetorical which makes this book a well worth reading.

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