helium by Rudy Francisco

Helium by Rudy Francisco 01

I found out Rudy Francisco’s poems via Button Poetry. I instantly fell in love with his works since the first time I heard him performed one of his poems. His spoken word poetry is simple and impeccable as well as mesmerising.

helium includes poems with various aspects but all have three things in common: simplicity, honesty and articulateness. I couldn’t help but admire Rudy for the way he tells us about pain, loss, anxiety, hope, love, and courage through his poems. I believe this is one book you shall put it on your nightstand and read occasionally or as needed.

His new book I’ll Fly Away is out now at @buttonpoetry. Whilst I am waiting for the signed copies to be delivered, I picked up helium again. Occupied with a few tasks and feeling demoralised about reading anything new these days so I guess I need to take a few doses of Rudy.

I’m sharing a few of my favourites from helium. Have you read any of his poems before?

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