Button Poetry Collection

Button Poetry Collection 01
Button Poetry Collection 02

I found out about Button Poetry via a video clip of Phil Kaye reading a poem with Sarah Kay. Then I looked up more spoken word poetry videos from their page and I was obsessively in love with them.

I bought Date & Time by Phil Kaye and helium by Rudy Francisco as my first collection in 2019 and love them both immensely. When Rudy is releasing a new poetry book, I’ll Fly Away, I had to get it. Together with his new book, I added Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn. Now I have four books from Button Poetry on my bookshelf along with its tote bag and a mug.

Through Button Poetry, I discovered new contemporary poets and their eloquent poems composed on various aspects. I also like poems by Andrea Gibson, Brenna Twohy, Michael Lee, and Jared Singer. I plan to add their books in my collection in future.

If you’re into spoken word poetry or poetry slam, do check out Button Poetry page on Facebook or Youtube and here on Instagram, as well.

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