I’ll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco

I’ll Fly Away is Rudy telling the readers about the limited lexicon in our everyday’s language. He shares various words that do not exist in English language currently, but they should. And through the palette of these nonexistent words, he paints a big picture of how language fails us or we fail to voice out so often cause there’s no word to express.

Nolexi noun
no-lex-i – \ n-lek-si \
Definition of nolexi:
1 : a word or phrase that does not exist or has no direct translation in a particular language

The book is made up of four parts and an introductory chapter where a few assorted poems on different topics are featured. The first part depicts introspection brilliantly where mental health issues and self love are splendidly presented. In the second part, Rudy shares about love and being in love in such poise. The third chapter discusses and expresses the politics of race as well as the violence and bigotry encountered by the Black People in America. The last part wraps with topic on family. Sublimely prosed, the poet delivers his love on the parents, siblings, women in his family and his child—the joy and excitement on his fatherhood.

One of the things I like about Rudy is how he turned simple words into a subtle and delicate patterns of stanzas. Yet each one of his poems gives the readers titanium like strength and warmhearted hug. In this book, I’ll Fly Away, Rudy delivers his best as usual. From his fascinating narratives, he talks about multiple issues like race, gender, mental wellness, etc while highlighting on human nature—to embrace one’s vulnerability but at the same time he tries to be encouraging, too. After all, the commonness of us, human, is our emotional states.

Rudy is one of the most recognizable names in slang poetry and spoken word poets. I was first introduced to his poems via Button Poetry and I was mesmerized by his spoken word poetry performances. So I bought his first book, helium, and loved it immensely which I shared it in last December. As I enjoyed Helium very much, when the announcement of his second anthology of poem will be released soon, I preordered it right away. A signed copy, actually.

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