Returning to Carthage by Ben Sharafski

Returning to Carthage by Ben Sharafski

Returning to Carthage is a collection of six short stories by Israeli-Australian writer Ben Sharafski. Stories are interconnected and narrated by a man living in Australia with his family back in Israel and a Japanese wife.

The titular short story ‘Returning to Carthage’ and ‘Two Lives, Intersected’ have very interesting storylines with complex yet beautiful narrative. ‘One Childcare and the Human Condition’ and ‘Waiting’ are very moving stories with relatable events. The conspicuous narrative helps the readers with sharp visualisation. However, I find the narrator a wee bit whiny at certain points and patronising towards some asian cultures. The first short story, ‘Love and Lies in Laos’ was quite a discomforting read.

Interwoven between past and present, the writer gives some snippets of the narrator’s life with intriguing narrative. Historical events, cultures, family, and love are layered craftily into various experiences. Individually, these short stories are good but it’s also cohesive as a whole.

Thanks a lot Ben for providing me an e-review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a delightful read.

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