It’s not like it used to be

it's not like it used to be

It’s not like it used to be.

There are new developments in the city with several tall buildings breaking into the sky. As the concrete jungle expands both horizontally and vertically, bits and pieces of nature you used to enjoy as a kid starts vanishing slowly and soon it will become a memory.

The gorgeous sunset after the rain—cotton candy clouds with scarlet sky backdrop—can no longer be viewed fully. As your car slowly moves around the evening traffic, your favourite scenery is displayed through high rising buildings sporadically. I’m not complaining about the new tall buildings but yeah, it’s not like it used to be.

I sometimes wonder, older generations say things like “young people don’t understand the value of nature like we do”, “kids don’t play outdoors anymore”, “new generations are spending more time indoors/screen time”. The older generations creates these new developments and then blame the kids for not enjoying old things like they do?

And sometimes not just the youths, the lifestyles of entire human race is shaping into different things. We barely go outside and interact with others in person. Instead we order things online, meet online, etc. I get it. Change is inevitable. However, we are the one creating new things and changing our own living standards. But we human love to reminisce and blame it on those who don’t understand how to cherish/appreciate things from the past.

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