Untitled (yet)

rainy night_untitled

Chapter (1)

Bellowing thunder jolted Kyle awake. He must have fallen asleep for an hour or maybe less. He looked around. The curtain from the window was waltzing as the wind embraced its gracious twirls. He found all the unfinished sketches scattered on the floor. He cursed the wind under his breath but was thankful that it had not started raining. He knew he was not fully awake to pick up all the papers and put them inside the drawer. He got up from bed and closed the window.

He sat on the bed again wondering how he fell asleep. He craved for a cigarette as he saw the pack on the desk. He drew a cigarette out while he fished for the lighter in his bag. He heard the approaching rain sounded like the roar of kindergarteners chattering in the lunchtime. It rained hard. Just before he could lit the cigarette, the electricity went out and he was, all of a sudden, encircled by the yellowish light in the dark. His profane curse was lost under another rumbling thunder. He sluggishly walked towards the verandah trying his best not to step on his drawings. He looked outside but everything was pitch black dark except the fiery red from the tip of his cigarette. He looked up the sky in search for the moon and the stars knowingly it was hopeless in this weather.

He heard a voice. In fact, someone was speaking in his head, “Don’t bother looking for the moon and the stars in a rainy night. And don’t blame the dark cloud of the night for the rain, as well. You may not be able to see your moon and stars but this black velvet sky is sobbing for you. You can touch these raindrops with your hands. Embrace them instead. Rain has the power to wash away your pain and fear.”

Kyle remembered. He remembered what she said. His trail of thoughts entangled with the smoke he just exhaled. He wished he could get her out of his head just like the smoke he had exhaled. The rain had become torrential and the voice continued to echo. He gazed into the nothingness and murmured her name knowing that she would not hear, “Joanna.”

The first chapter of one of my ongoing project.

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