What Motivates Culture?

what motivates cultures

In cultural anthropology, there are three categories based on what kind of emotions motivate people. They are – guilt-based societies, honor-shame based societies, and fear-based societies. The differences can apply to how behavior is governed with respect to government laws, business rules, or social etiquette. This is especially clear in how children are raised.


I came across to this post on Instagram. It is an interesting read about what motivates a culture, the classification of Guilt-Shame-Fear spectrum of cultures and how behaviour can be governed differently.

The Interactive Map shows each country with their respective cultural societies.

cultural types myanmar

In Myanmar, we all are in a mix of all three societies and the map shows Shame as the majority culture takes place in the region. I happened to question myself though. Are we not ashamed enough to litter/spit as we please and/or feel guilty enough to use or do things recklessly which endanger the environment or future of the planet?

Yes, we often ask ourselves how people will look at us if we do this or not do this. Sometimes, we question our actions whether they are fair or not. And sometimes, we’re scared someone might harm us for doing this or that.

You can read the main source of article, Global Map of Culture Types, in here.

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